Hello from Greece !

My name is Stelios Karamitsos , i work in the municipality of Amarousiou and since 2012 i am engaged in Boston Terrier breeding !

From my first steps i was fortunate to grow up  with dogs around me , since my father had introdused in Greece the first Doberman in Greece and at times i adopted one of the strays that exist here over time !

This as you understand played a catalytic role in my life and i was very lucky to share this passion with my wife Helen who also had a German Shepherd when we got married !

As natural development our daughter inherited this passion and soon after her birth we started looking for her first dog that would fit her age and our relaxed lifestyle !

In this , primaliry on line search , we discovered Boston Terriers and when unexpectedly we met one of the few  that existed in Greece we realized we could not live whithout one of ours !

And soon the Gamin de Paris du Grand Fresnoy , a gorgeous French "dandy" were among us !

The cohabitation with him surprassed any of our expectation and the decision to start breeding Boston Terriers was the natural consequence  !

Give me a Kiss Beauty Gremlins , the daughter of the famous Ax Dagbej , was our first female choice and the unparalleled Yaki-Tori Ebonee , daughter of the American Baird Hill's Beat of my Heart , the second !

In this very small course we have been too fortunate to have some impressive results like :

  • At the World Dog Show and  in the specialty  of the same show ,in 2018 in Milan , the Corlone Adorable Gang was the Best Minor Puppy of the Breed and the culmination came when he was 3rd Best in Show Minor Puppy for groups 1 and 3!                       The Top Greek distinction of all time in such an event !
  • At the European Dog Show in Amsterdam in 2016 , the Femme Fatale of Adorable Gang was 2nd promising Minor Puppy !
  • At the European Dog Show in 2012 in Bucharest the Yaki-Tori Ebonee , was 3rd Excellent in Junior Category !
  • At the World Dog Show in 2015 in Milan the Brooklyn of Adorable Gang , was 5th excellent in highly competitive Junior Class !

Until January 2018 10 of our breeding dogs have been slected in a pontium of an International show , 8 of wich are champions in 5 different , Brooklyn is an International Champion and Gilda of Adorable Gang wants a last victory for become a Champion of USA!

Our breeding dogs live in USA , Germany , Finland , Italy , Brazil , Hungary , Cyprus , Vietnam and Serbia and making the breeders and the families that have chosen them happy and proud !

- From  the moment i dicided to deal the Boston's Breeding i put their health issues and addressing them as priority ! As a consequnce , all of our puppies are examined in heart and hearing at the age of  months and we test at the patellas of our generators throughout their lives , as well as their predisposition for Juvenile Hereditary Catarract and along with the eyes examinations as well the hearing and heart tests we can say that we are one of the few European Breeders who receiveing the most precautions for their breeding !

I Hope all of this to be enough for help you to understand the quality of our breeding !

Enjoy your browsing on our site !