Our Bostons


Vito                 Ebonee

Billie                      Pepa



Shayka                  Scarlet

    Eli          Judy


Hello from Greece !

My name is Stelios Karamitsos and i am a Boston Terrier breeder !

From my first steps i had dogs around me and my father had import maybe the first Doberman in Greece ! As a child , from time to time , i had many other animals like cats , pigeons , rubits ,  tartles and hamsters but in all my life i had stray dogs !

I was lucky enough to share this passion with my wife who had also a German Sheperd and when my daughter born we realised that she took this passion of as , but special for small breeds !

This was the reason to start an explore wich of all those breeds is better for our way of living an to found Bostons !

We import our first Boston , Gamin ,from France and soon enough we get in passion with this breed and we decide to bred them !

We found two beautiful girls from famous kennels and bloodlines and the rest are history !

Ebonee was the most succesful Boston Terrier of Balcans , she was 3rd Junior European Winner , she has 7 titles but th most importand a great family dog and super producer !

Four of her children are champions , three are BOG placements two are BIS placements and one is International champion !

But Kissy also was a great producer also ! Vito , the most succeful dog of Greece , the only that had placement in BIS of a World dog Show , with many other BIS and BIS placements and Pepa was 2nd to her Class to the European show of Brussels !

We choose to have many mattings with great foreighn males and not the easy way to matte with what we have and to do all the health examnations are neccesary for protect our breeding from health issues and this had help us and gave us all the stadarts that all the responsible breeders are looking and we have export to USA , to Asia , to Scadinavia and to other countries , for breeding and show !!

We wish to continue in this way ...