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YAKI-TORI EBONEE      12/11/2011

Sire : Baird Hill's Beat my Heart

Dam : Yaki-Tori Xandra

Ebonee was our third Boston Terrier but also our first Champion ! From her first show , who was BIS 3 Baby , we understand that we had to do with a special case ! For this , Ebonee was the first Greek Boston Terrier that was participate in a European Dog Show and she was 3rd Junior European Winner of 2012 !

The rest are history ...

Great show results , first Greek Boston Terrier with a BIS placement as adult , BOG and BOG placements and some super litters with really great foreign dogs ( WW13 , vice EURW10 , INTCH Washington DC del Pons Aureoli and the famous WWV13 Renea's Rocket Star Man ) and with our great Vito!

Now Ebonee enjoy home life and lead our pack !

Μοιράσου το στα κοινωνικά δίκτυα