Our Bostons


Vito                 Ebonee

Billie                      Pepa



Shayka                  Scarlet

        Eli      Judy


Gone with the Wind of Adorable Gang

10/11/2016                                    Breeder-Owner: Stelios Karamitsos


         Corleone Adorable Gang

Dam: Gr.GRCH,GRCH,JCHGR Billie Jean of Adorable Gang

Patella: 0/0

BAER: Normal

Heart: Normal

JHC: Clear




Scarlet is an other super puppy of  our breeding program!

Daugther of Vito and Billie , we kept her because of her massive constracture body with strong bones and super pasterns , she is a compination of her parents and we believe that she is the pish that we was looking for complete the puzle of our dream !


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