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Gilda of Adorable Gang 

Gilda is our export to USA !

She live with the responsible breeder Terri Dinger and she is running for the AKC title !

As puppy was BOB puppy and us adult , from the sensitive age of 10 month she was Winner Bich !

Now she is 12 month and she have also won a BOB , other 2 times BOS , she have won totally 5 x WB ( one of those is to Major show ) and an other R.WB in  Major show !

She is a beautiful and massive girl and made her owner and me as her breeder very happy and proud with all her results in so young age !

But I have to congratulate Mrs. Dinger for her efforts and special for the handler that she choose and trust Gilda for run her , the famous Mr. Ryan Dilman !